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Relaxing Facial

Many people now suffer immense physical and mental stress, which can lead to stressed skin reactions. Many factors can affect our skin, e.g. lack of sleep, lifestyle, nutrition and dehydration. Therefore, the organic therapy facial combines all elements of nature and nurture using powerful, natural and organic ingredients delivered to your skin to hydrate, nourish and rebalance. The organic therapy facial will be a deeply relaxing journey for you, your skin, senses, mind and soul. 

Your skin will benefit from facial rejuvenation, natural face lifting and toning, tension and muscle release in the face/jaw, neck and shoulders, and improvement of lymphatic circulation. You will be leaving with a calm, soothed, radiant, glowing and hydrated skin feeling inner harmony on the inside and out. 

The organic therapy facial is carried out with products from the UK brand "The Organic Alchemist" which uses as many certified 100% organic and fair trade ingredients as possible. All products are consciously and sustainably sourced containing the highest grade, pure essential oils based on the latest scientific research on their healing potential for the mind, body and skin. The entire collection is cruelty-free as well as vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Gua Sha Massage

75min from £90

The organic therapy facial includes:

consultation, double cleanse, exfoliation, tension relief and sculpting massage to the décolleté, shoulders, neck and face, hydrating rose mask, scalp massage, gua sha lymphatic drainage and finishing touches. 

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