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Who are DÉCAAR?

DÉCAAR is a new and vibrant dermacosmeceutical brand based on the motto:

"The foundation of beauty is found in skin health."

It is commited to creating and delivering innovative, unique, safe and highly effective skincare products and treatments with dermalogically proven results using the natural but highly effective ALGAE PEEL and the high-tech ingredient PERFLUORODECALIN for oxygen delivery. 

Acne, pigmentation and premature ageing can be treated effectively and safely for all skin types and skin colours.

What is the Algae Peel?

The Algae Peel is a combination of natural ingredients based on Algae and herbs.

It works differently to any other skin resurfacer from the inside out, from the basal layer to the surface, and accelerates skin cell turnover from 4-8 weeks to an outstanding 72 hours.

The micro fibres of the algae peel powder penetrate the skin causing an increased blood flow, production of new cells and kill bacteria. The main benefits are stimulation of cell renewal and fibroblasts (collagen production), reduction of sebum production and decrease of pigmentation

How does the Algae Peel work?

The microfibers of the algae peeling powder penetrate the skin causing an increased blood flow, production of new cells (cell renewal) and a destruction of bacteria.

Pushing the skin through the cell turnover cycle much quicker that it would naturally, a few days after the DÉCAAR Algae Peel the skin will start to peel and flake away revealing newer healthier skin from within.

The DÉCAAR Algae Peel works biologically providing a 100% safe treatment process working from the inside out. 

It is recommended to have a course of 3-6 treatments, each treatment 10-28 days apart. 

75min I £105


3x treatment I 3x 75min I £300
6x treatment I 6x 75min I £570

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What is Perfluorodecalin?

Perfluorodecalin is the active ingredient in DÉCAAR's oxygen delivery system. It is used to dissolve and deliver oxygen to the skin cells. 

By carrying oxygen to the cells, Perfluorodecalin allows the skin to breathe, which helps it to self-regulate, and results in a healthy, radiant and hydrated complexion that locks in more moisture for a rejuvenated glow. When worked into the skin, this oxygen-enhancing ingredient offers significant healing and repairing benefits to scarred, wrinkled and ageing skin.

To fight the signs of ageing, Perfluorocadelin plumps the skin to promote a more youthful complexion. By stimulating the metabolism of skin cells and increasing the blood supply to the skin, these oxygen carriers work to smooth fine lines, reduce scarring and draw moisture into the skin. 

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Breathing a new breath of life to your skin
with oxygen power

Before and after the Algae Peel

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