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1x Enzyme Complex Kit - 2x30ml contains: 

  • 1×30ml Enzyme-Complex (Phase1) 
  • 1×30ml Accelerator (Phase2)



  • Enzyme-Complex (Phase 1): Propylene Glycol, Calcium Chloride, Protease (red. enzymes) , Behenth-10.
  • Accelerator (Phase 2) INCI: Aqua, Carbomer, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hydroxide, Salicylic Acid.


Product info:

Performance booster for sugaring, waxing and laser studios!


Enzymatic long-lasting hair regrowth reduction and anti-inflammatory aftercare combined in one product. The epiladerm enzyme complex is used immediately after epilation (using sugaring or waxing) for long-lasting hair regrowth reduction and aftercare.


That's why it's worth working with the epiladerm enzyme complex:

  • Improve your offer and service with lomg-lasting hair regrowth reduction.
  • Offer your clients the safest and protective skincare after sugaring and waxing.
  • Transform sugaring and waxing into an all-year-round service
  • Benefit from low costs for long-lasting hair regrowth reduction


How does the epiladerm enzyme complex work?

The epiladerm enzyme complex has the following proven 3-in-1 effects.

1. It ensures long-lasting hair regrowth reduction by reducing hair regrowth enzymatically (protein-splitting = proteolytic) in a skin-friendly manner. Over time the hair becomes thinner, softer, lighter and permanently less (phase 1).

2. It sees to optimal skin aftercare by soothing, cooling and (re)moisturizing the skin (phase 2).

3.It has an anti-phlogistic effect on the skin in order to calm redness (erythema) and prevent as well as counteract skin irritations and histamine reactions (phase 2).


  • No further aftercare products necessary
  • Can be used all year round
  • Can be used on all body areas for everyone - including the intimate area
  • Suitable for every skin tone, every hair type and every hair color  

Enzyme Complex Kit, 2x30ml

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Expected to ship w/c 18.03.2024
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