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1x Sugar Paste EXPERT, 800g - extra soft consistency


Product info:

With sufficient expertise, EXPERT can be used for all larger body areas and for removing very short and thin hair (1-2mm).

EXPERT is also used to thin the epiladerm sugar pastes STRONG and SOFT as well as any other sugar pastes.



Glucose, aqua, maltose, glycerine, sucrose


Further information:

EXPERT usually can be used at room temperature WITHOUT preheating it in a heating device.


Important note:

The desired sugar paste consistency should never be set using the heat regulation on the heating device. Sugar pastes should always be stored with the lid closed - even in the heating device - after removing the paste. The epiladerm sugar pastes should preferably not be heated higher than 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Sugar Paste EXPERT, 800g

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Expected to ship w/c 18.03.2024
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