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1x Sugar Paste SOFT, 800g - soft consistency


Product info:

SOFT should be used for the sugaring of larger areas, such as legs, back, chest, abdomen, as well as shorter and thinner hair. It is an allrounder and therefore suitable for all areas of the body including the whole intimate area with buttocks and butt crack and the face provided that the therapist has sufficient expertise.



Glucose, aqua, maltose, sucrose


Further information:

SOFT usually can be used at room temperature WITHOUT preheating it in a heating device.


Important note:

The desired sugar paste consistency should never be set using the heat regulation on the heating device. Sugar pastes should always be stored with the lid closed - even in the heating device - after removing the paste. The epiladerm sugar pastes should preferably not be heated higher than 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Sugar Paste SOFT, 800g

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Expected to ship w/c 18.03.2024
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