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Welcome to our Sugaring Academy!


Start your SWEET journey today and upgrade your skills to become the next sugaring superstar!

Education, training and methodology are the key to success with professional sugaring and long-lasting hair regrowth reduction.
Our epiladerm sugaring training is THE ORIGINAL sugaring training made and designed in Denmark and Germany will set yourself apart in the sugaring industry and with your sugaring career. 

epiladerm Education:
epiladerm's online and in-person education contains all relevant base and advanced knowledge in regards to hair removal, product information and video tutorials. It has been proven to be the mos
t profound theoretical training stored with knowledge collected over the last two decades.

epiladerm Training:
Did you know that hands-on training combined with the mentioned profound education is essential to become a sugaring expert?
Here is why:
Sugaring is a craft that has to be learned and practiced, and therefore should not be taught simply by watching online tutorials or videos. Hands-on training is THE most important foundation for learning the correct sugaring technique right from the start in order to execute safe, technically outstanding and effective sugaring treatments.
epiladerm's in-person
 training is based on the modern, advanced and correct fingertip-technique especially developed for their white-transparent fluid sugar pastes.

epiladerm Methodology:

The epiladerm sugaring method is a universal concept for long-lasting hair regrowth reduction in which all products and application steps are carefully coordinated to enable the best possible quality of epilation and long-lasting hair regrowth reduction. 

It consists of six important application steps. The root-deep epilation is the most important step and of crucial importance for the effectiveness of long-lasting hair regrowth reduction.

Top reasons why to start your sugaring journey with epiladerm

epiladerm is one of the best functioning business models for professional sugaring studios and everyone who wants to become a sugaring professional, with low start-up costs.

epiladerms sugar pastes are white-transparent, vegan, free from citric acid (hypoallergenic) and have a uniquely low viscosity. This makes them extremely efficient for epilation down to the hair roots and at the same time pleasant to use for users and their clients.

epiladerm reduces ingrown hairs, solves skin problems after epilation, shaving, waxing, and laser treatments as well as rejuvenates the skin's appearance.

epiladerm offers a proven and skin-friendly for long-lasting hair regrowth reduction. The products are based on patented enzymes and are suitable for all hair/skin colours, types and seasons.

epiladerm offers award-winning sugaring and enzyme products of extremely high purity, skin compatibility and cost-effectiveness, manufactured according to the GMP standard.

epiladerm educates and trains users in new, modern and advanced sugaring techniques via in-person trainings and online tutorials which can lead to a certification as a sugaring expert.

epiladerm offers further specialization options and is particularly advantageous for sugaring of sensitive areas, such as face, intimate area and eyebrows.

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