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Are you looking for a hair removal method without the typical disadvantages and problems, such as pain during (d)epilation, ingrown hair, blemished, lifted or stubbly skin?

Do you finally want a more long-lasting solution to get rid of your unwanted hair?

Are you looking for a pain reduced solution that works reliably without the use of lasers or IPL, is gentle to the skin, and even works in summer?

With the epiladerm method, its sugaring techniques and hair regrowth reduction booster aftercare, all of this is possible without any risks for your skin.

Book your sugaring treatment now and enjoy beautiful and hairfree skin with epiladerm!


Why is sugaring so special?

Root-deep hair removal

Sugaring provides root-deep hair removal in the natural direction of hair growth hence longer lasting and more effective results in comparison to other methods.

High comfort & less pain

Sugaring is comfortable, clean and leaves no sticky residue on the skin. Sugar paste does not stick on the skin like wax hence less pain. 

Reduces ingrown hair

Sugaring removes the hair in the natural direction of hair growth hence less hair breakage and reduction of ingrown hair over time.

Natural soft exfoliation

Sugaring provides a natural soft exfoliation of the skin without causing any injuries, blemishes or irritations hence very gentle hair removal method.

Goodbye irritations

Sugaring is very gentle on the skin and applied max. at body temperature hence minimal risk for heat shock, skin lifting, irritations or injuries. Sugaring is skin rejuvenation at its best.

Suitable for everyone

Sugaring is suitable for all skin types, skin colours, hair types and hair colours hence the allrounder in hair removal in summer and winter.

Why is epiladerm sugaring so special?

The epiladerm sugaring method is a universal concept for long-lasting hair regrowth reduction in which all products and application steps are carefully coordinated to enable the best possible quality of epilation and long-lasting hair regrowth reduction. 


It consists of six important application steps. The root-deep epilation is the most important step and of crucial importance for the effectiveness of long-lasting hair regrowth reduction as it is the base for the effectiveness of the epiladerm enzymatic aftercare.

Steps of application

Client Consultation and anamnesis


EP_Logo_2022_master_RGB-300x106 (1).png

... with your epiladerm sugaring expert

Aftercare and Homecare.jpg

Root-deep hair removal with sugaring


EP_Logo_2022_master_RGB-300x106 (1).png

... and the white-transparent epiladerm sugar pastes


Optimization of the skin at home


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... with the specialised premium epiladerm homecare kit


Examination and preparation


EP_Logo_2022_master_RGB-300x106 (1).png

... of the skin with the alcohol-free, calming epiladerm primer. 


Long-lasting hair regrowth reduction


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... with the award-winning epiladerm enzyme complex


Repetition of steps



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... for long-lasting hair regrowth reduction and beautiful skin


Beautiful and hairfree skin with epiladerm sugaring
as your trusted partner in hair removal and
long-lasting hair regrowth reduction

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